Anticafe, or pay-per-minute cafe, or time-cafe concept

Founded: sep 2011 Links: wiki
What is that: a concept of the places where you only pay for time, per minute, and everything else, including drinks and treats, are for free.
Story: In 2009 I started a cultural project «Pocket poetry». We needed a place to gather and that’s why I opened the Treehouse. When there wasn’t enough space for new people we rented a bigger space and I invented the way to take money for time and not for food and drinks. That’s how Ziferblat was created. When it was just opened there were no such word as «anticafe». I was thinking for a long time - what definition should I give to the Z, but came only with «free space». Any other definition seemed vulgar, plus I don’t really like definitions at all. We were making jokes on how could we call ourselves and the word «anticafe» appeared even then, but we decided not to use it because we don’t fight with cafes. First copycat opened within a month after us, and then they were opening almost everyday. They were called different names, and had different definitions, but not anticafe.
After half a year there were a guy who came to us wishing to open Ziferblat in Moscow. He didn’t really got the idea and I had to explain why we are different from a cafe, why it’s opposite to cafe, why it’s «anti». It became clear that we wouldn’t work together. He opened his own place, called it Babochki (Butterflies) and gave it the «anticafe» definition. This word became known and was used by majority of places where you pay for time.
To be honest, I didn’t like copypasters from the very beginning, especially the fact, that they were hiding where did they get this idea or even lying about it, or attribute it to themselves. Anyway, I have decided that I should help everyone to open that kind of places and make them better. I gave few public lectures but became dissapointed because it didn’t change anything and new anticafes were shittier and shittier. Now this idea is a bit obsolete and ramshackled but still there are some number of anticafes around the world.