Founded: dec 2016 Adress: Russia,Tula region, Dvoryaninovo Links: fb, vk, inst, site
What is it: a countryside hotel 100km from Moscow.
Description: When speaking about the feelings people experience when coming to Ziferblat, many of our guests comparing the atmosphere with the country house, or russian "dacha". They mean it is relaxing, sincere, cozy, friendly and tranquil. From the very beginning I wanted to bring this comparison to life literally. Few times I tried to make it happen, in 2012 I nearly took a huge piece of land for kind of camping, then in 2014 I opened a Ziferblat Dacha. It was an old wooden soviet house, looking like writer's dacha on the big grounds with pine trees. Everybody liked the concept but realisation wasn't good - the house was too cold and uncomfortable for long stay. We had to close it. But thanks to that project I was invited by Alexander Goncharov to make something like that on his territory - Dvorianinovo Village in Tula region, 100 km from Moscow. We began to fantasize - what should it be and realised that we need a hotel there. That is how Bolotov.Dacha was created. Up to 45 guests can lodge here, it has a huge Ziferblat living-room with a fireplace, and a long glass veranda where people dine together at the communal table. This project is very successful and many people like it saying "oh how I wish I could stay here forever". That is why we began to build a Bolotov.Village nearby. I plan to open more places like this all over the world in the future.