Founded: 2017 Links: fb, site
What is it: a little village near our Bolotov.Dacha hotel. Minimalistic scandinavian design. Owners can rent out their houses as part of the hotel. 1% of hotel's revenues goes to village fund, and citizens will deside how to spend it.
Description: At the end of 2016 we've opened Bolotov.Dacha. It became famous and many people love to go there. All the time we hear "Oh, how I wish I could stay here forever". That's why we've decided to build our own village nearby. We have 70 plots of land for houses and few types of houses that we build. We have already sold almost half of it. It will have one unified style, no huge fences only hedges. This will be a community with a nice place nearby - Bolotov.Dacha with Ziferblat where you can always come to chat, drink coffee, attend event or just chill among crowd.

What have I done: created a concept, design, principles of cooperation between neighbor, pr, meetings, coordination of the team, developement. вместе с командой и партнерами придумали концепт, архитектурное решение, принципы взаимодействия соседей, пиар, встречи, найм координаторов деревни, развитие.