Pocket Poetry

Founded: 2010 Links: fb, vk, inst, site
What’s that: little cards with famous poems on it, spread around the city for people to find and remember the gift of great literature.
Story: In 2009 I had a blog and dreamt to be popular. Behind where unsuccessful attempts to be an actor, director, musician, writer. Blog wasn’t enough for my ambitions. I was tired of covering other people’s stuff and I wanted to make something of my own. For a long time I was enraged of what people read in subway. I wanted to poke them in the face with a book of Chekhov. I was capable of converting the energy of rage into positive thinking and came up with the idea of making small cards with poems that people could put into their pockets. I decided to spread it all over the city in unexpected places so that people could find them and read. To keep cards dry and clean I laminated them. As soon as I told about my «war against windmills» in my blog many people desired to do the same. I began to gather people in different cafes and spread cards in big amounts. With time those meeting had overgrow with more details — together we were cutting paper, putting it into film, laminating, drinking tea, discussing literature, etc. People were leaving voluntary donations for the projects development. At some point there were so many people, we wasn’t fit in cafes anymore, sometimes there were 40 people. We had branches in other cities, I was touring with my cards, giving meetings. I was constantly looking for a space to run my meeting, and it was harder and harder. That brought me to the desire of having my own place, where I and others could organize such things and just feel comfortable when nothing happens. That’s how Treehouse appeared and then Ziferblat. I ceased to actively run pocket poetry when Treehouse was opened. But from time to time I hear people do this all over Russia. Sometimes I read an article about some provincial children spreading Pushkin on boulevards of their hometown. I made a joke in 2017 - invited everyone to write poems on money. That was taken seriously and was in the news.
What have I done: came up with the idea, design, technical process, bought laminator and film with my last money, organized 20+ meetings, social networks and site, touring to Kiev, Minsk, Saint-Petersburg, Odessa, London.
Press: TVC, Vesti, MK, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Chastny Correspondent, Metro, Izvestia Spb, culturology.