Ziferblat Moscow Pokrovka

Founded: sep 2011 Space: 100 sq/m Rooms: 2 Adress: Moscow, Pokrovka 12 Links: fb, vk, inst, site
Описание: This is the world’s first Ziferblat and the world’s first place where people pay for time, and everything else is for free. I have written about how I came up with this idea in an article about “Ziferblat”. This is the oldest Ziferblat, one of the smallest. As a rule, the main experiments with the format are held here before they start to be used by the rest. For example, at some point we set up the bar so that the guests could pour coffee themselves, introduced volunteerism, self-organization etc.

What have I done: It is hard to list everything for seven years, as this Ziferblat was always my dearest one with much attention paid to it, I devised the concept, the interior, worked with the team, thought up and organized events, administered the social media, promoted, conducted experiments, welcomed the guests, made coffee, invented all sorts of jokes and many-many more.