Ziferblat Moscow Solyanka

Founded: 2011 Closed: 2012 Space: 550 sq/m Rooms:4 Adress: Moscow Solyanka Links: vk
Description: We could have opened this Ziferblat first — because we considered this site as an option, but chose Pokrovka, since the rental price and the contractual form were clearer. When success went to our head, we decided to take advantage of the arrangements with the landlords and rented this huge premises with gorgeous parquet, wallpaper, oak consoles and high ceilings, on the ground floor and with plenty of windows. This Ziferblat’s story was bright but short. There were great events there, lots of guests in the evenings, there we experimented with an open kitchen. There was a great team. But unfortunately, the location was not the best — few people reached this farthest from the metro end of Solyanka, the rent was very high, the premises difficult to organize, the relations with landlords confusing — all this made us close this Ziferblat urgently. Rather, we moved it to Pokrovka, as another room was vacated next door to the existing Ziferblat and we decided to seize the entire floor. Ziferblat has lived in this large combined capacity for a year, but then we gave up the whole floor and returned to the original scale. Solyanka’s story was over.

What have I done: Found the premises, invested money, negotiated with landlords, devised interior, gathered the team, worked with the team, hosted events, promoted, invested in the open kitchen, decided to move it to Pokrovka, pay the debt for this for a long time.